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Gaku Leap Day Update

So, every four years the lingering inconsistencies between the solar system and the Gregorian calendar grant us an extra day to enjoy to the fullest. Or maybe to regret to the fullest, especially when it also happens to be a Monday. In any case, we have a small offering of two releases to help celebrate this small occasion. As it so happens, they are also both SDM-centric, as in the last update. So, hope you enjoy!

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp – Pack



A couple of stories about Sakuya’s time in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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Gaku Scarlet Carnival Update

So, this time we have three new releases for you, and all of them centered on the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This includes not only one of the latest Dog Sakuya stories by ANGELTYPE (with a interesting twist this time), but also two older collaboration works (one from the ancient date of 2006) containing two stories each, all of them about our favorite vampire mansion. So, hope you enjoy this little vampire carnival!

(Next update on the 29th.)

ANGELTYPE – Sakuya-san and Dog Sakuya-san



We all know about Dog Sakuya, but now you’re telling me she exists at the same time as the real one… what?

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