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Your Friendly Neighborhood Gaku Update

Was your Touhou-sense tingling? If so, you might actually have doujinshi-based superpowers, because we do have a new update right here for you. Four new releases this time, including one by veteran circle Fusuma Teahouse, and the latter part of DELI-TRE’s Eternity Crying Bird saga.

So, go ahead and enjoy, but remember, with minor powers comes minor responsibility!

Fusuma Teahouse – The Hero Is Wriggle!


Reimu decides to retire from her main character position, and Wriggle gets chosen as the unlikely substitute. Now she has to learn what being a protagonist is all about.

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Gaku Twenty-Sixteen Update

So, we’re finally back for this new year, and for the first update of 2016, we’re bringing in five new releases, including more Three Fairies by Clash House, Ameyama’s Telegraph weird and creepy (wreepy?) epic of an alternate Gensokyo, a Marisa vs. Yuuka fight by military otaku Imizu, and more. So, here’s hoping for a good year, in Touhou stuff and everything else.

Clash House – Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol.2


After Koishi showns up, the situation with Kokoro starts to get tense again, much to the Fairies’ frustration.

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