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Gaku End of Year already? Update

Wow. Time like the Touhou girls, sure flies, doesn’t it? We are already getting to the end of another year, and although the amount of releases we have to offer hasn’t been too large lately, we still have two new ones for you, including one by Inaba of the Moon and Earth artist Arata.

So, we hope you enjoy these, and that you have some great holidays. See you next year then!

(Oh, and if you haven’t, don’t forget to check out the release of the Touhou 14.5 English patch we are helping host.)

(Note: Next update planned for Jan 10th. (Actually, in the 11th.))

Ara Mode – Love Library


Arata brings his own touch to the classic scenario of the witches’ love triangle playing out in the SDM library.

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Touhou 14.5 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo English Patch

We’re happy to bring you news of the release of the English patch for Touhou 14.5 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo, the fifth and latest Touhou fighting game from a ZUN/Tasofro collaboration. So, although these girls never really needed a good reason to try to beat the crap out of each other, at least now you can have a better idea of why they are doing it this time. 😛


Release details

So, congratulations and kudos to brliron, Riatre, rr-, Clarste, Gamer251, Splashman, thcrap team, Wiki Fairies and everyone else for their work!

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