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Gaku Onesie Update

So, things have been slow again lately, so we only have one new update today. But as usual, it’s a pretty good and funny one, with some everyday life stuff in the SDM almost veering into surrealism.

So, hope you enjoy!

Somehow Alive – Another Peaceful Day at the Scarlet Devil Mansion


No big incidents or anything at the SDM today, so the residents (as well as some visitors) engage in a spirited debate about red peppers (or is it paprika?).


Thanks to Neko Kaze, Danbooru and Voile Fairies and everyone else!

Gaku Post-Halloween Update

So, today’s update missed Halloween by a couple of days, which is probably just as well, since there’s nothing particular spooky in the three new releases we have. But there is a sweet and funny story by Millet Soup, an old (but Nazrin and Kogasa-centric as usual) one by DYNAMO, and the second part in the Bond-tastic named stories about Sakuya’s past by S+y. So, hope you had your fill of spooky this last weekend and can enjoy these ones now!

(Note: Next update will be around the 22th.)

Millet Soup – Filled With Lots of Love


Shinki comes visiting Alice and proceeds to be embarrassing in the way only moms can.

(Read the article)

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