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Gaku 20 Years of Touhou Update

Maybe you’ve heard about it already, but just yesterday ZUN commemorated the 2o years of Touhou (reportedly, with one liter of booze for each year). So, congratulations to Touhou Project for reaching (Japanese) adult age! (See “liters of booze”above.) We hope they reserved at least a toast to a certain shrine maiden that’s been running around resolving incidents for all this time.

And although we would like to have more releases at hand for this occasion, we still have two good ones, one by the famous and prolific circle Millet Soup, an another by master of feel-good slice-of-life Show & Tell.

So, here’s to Touhou Project, ZUN, and the Gensokyo girls.  (*゚▽゚)つ凵

May there be at least 20 more years ahead!

Millet Soup – The Princess is a Witch


Remilia finds Patchouli eating a ton of her most hated food, but her protests fall against a very elaborate and fanciful situation Patchy conjures in order to “test” her friend’s loyalty.

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Your Friendly Gaku Update

So, it’s one day late, but we have a new update, with four new great releases, including a new Three Fairies doujin by Hirasaka Makoto. Plus, more MokoKeine from Vivit Gray, Reisen misfortune from Mizutaki, and the first part of a Sakuya flashback story from S+y. Hope you enjoy!

Clash House – Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol.1


The Three Fairies of Light are at it again getting involved in other people’s business, and this time they meet a certain menreiki girl that’s not very good at social situations.

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