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Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~ English Patch

We’re happy to announce we’ll be hosting an English translation patch for the Touhou fangame Bouhou Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~. A plataformer-style game by Marecha, starring the Scarlet Devil Mansion folks.


Touhou wiki page

Official game site

So, congratulations and kudos to brliron, Heartnet, TwilightsCall, Kuilfrayt, Zhelot and everyone else for their work!

Gaku Six-Shooter Update

After the recent string of small and less frequent update, we fortunately have a bigger one this time! And this one has a typically epic Chado story, a somber one from Chomoran, and four chapters of a SDM daily live manga from Uni Mate (including one in CYOA format). So, we hope you enjoy these!

Tohonifun – Heian Capital DeLorean


Due to some magical mishaps, Byakuren’s ship and crew end up back in ancient Japan. And now they must make sure things happen as they are supposed to and find a way to generate 1.21 gigawatts of energy so they can come back.

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