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Gaku Summer Heat Update

They say the Summer heat can make people a little crazy sometimes. And this update sure has it’s share of people acting crazy, weird, or just regular hot and drowsy. So, whether you are suffering from the heat or not, I hope you can enjoy what we have today: the conclusion of Once in Ten Mistakes’ Muted Afterglow drama, another Naz-centric doujin by DYNAMO, and a short but funny Patchouli story by Ishikiri.

Once in Ten Mistakes – Muted Afterglow Latter Part


Marisa goes increasingly desperate in searching for the missing Rinnosuke, and starts taking some rash actions.

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Gaku Darkly Dark Update

Again not that many releases this time. Two of them, in fact. First is another chapter of Forbidden Scrollery, and second is a story about Kisume so dark it makes Yakumi Sarai’s stuff seem lighthearted. So, hope you enjoy these two, and that we can have more for the next update.

Official – Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 3


Reimu and Marisa are still going after the mysterious smoke from the previous chapter. But the whole thing turns out to be a lot more tiresome than they expected.

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