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Gaku Brightly Dark Update

Another small update this time, but in any  case there’s two more releases for today’s update. A both funny heartwarming one and by Autumn Drizzle Shrimp (Shigure Ebi), plus one by Yakumi Sarai that, while still having a level of grim, is definitely not as dark a their usual fare.

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp – That day, the star is born


Marisa is out to steal precious things again, but unlike Alice, the SDM folk are having none of it. And Sakuya does in fact get some very precious experiences thanks to it.

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Gaku Is Back Update

So, we’re finally back after a long period with no new material to release. And it’s still not that much this time, but the three releases we do have are pretty solid (and big) ones by famous circles Vivit Gray, Morino Hon and Blue.

So, hope you enjoy! (And by the look of things, we do plan to be back with another update in two weeks. Let’s hope there’s no problems.)

Vivit Gray – Wonderful Mine Treasure


In a departure from Vivit Grays usual KeineMoko, this time the story is about the witch trio going Indiana Jonesin’ down an abandoned mine in search of magical treasure.

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