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Gaku Rush Hour Update

[Notice: Due to lack of new works ready to release, next update is tentatively rescheduled  for next weekend.]

Things have been a little hectic, so I guess it’s better to just get to the updates we have today. Not that many, but some pretty good ones, the obligatory SDM-themed Millet Soup and MokoKeine by Vivit Gray.

So, without further ado.

Millet Soup – This is My Librarian!!


A story about how Patchy acquired the services of a cute, energetic and loyal (if not all that bright) librarian just after she arrived at the SDM.

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Gaku Spring Where? Update

So, yeah, winter should be on its way out in the Norther Hemisphere already, but Letty seems determined to keep hanging out in North America (and even in Japan). So if you happen to be snowed in or something, here are some new releases to help you pass the time.

Millet Soup – World’s #1 Onee-sama!!


Remilia wants to prove she’s a great sister in Flan’s moment of need. Somehow Alice gets deeply involved in it too.

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