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Gaku No Chocolate Update

So, Valentine’s Day has just passed, and I’m sure many of our readers must be enjoying their chocolate gifts. But even if you didn’t get any, don’t worry, we have 8 new releases here, including many food-themed ones from the Girl’s Specialty anthology. (And most of them are definitely healthier than chocolate, which really, is not a necessary part of anyone’s diet, especially if they come form a shameless commercial holiday custom or something… huh? What about us, you ask? Why, of course we got a lot of chocolate! Gaku members are all popular and congenial people who get lots of  Valentine’s gifts every year! So, err… let’s move on.)

Anyway, I guess the point is that instead of chocolate, this time what we got are getting you instead is:

Aozora-Market – Whitefish Meuniere (with white sauce)


The Scarlet sisters are pretty excited about cooking saltwater fish, so much that they invite some unusual guest to taste it.

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Gaku Setsubun again Update

So once again the Spring-welcoming oni-expelling festival of Setsubun in arriving in Japan. And while Gaku does not endorse prejudice against oni, we unfortunately do not have any releases featuring them this time. But to help receive Spring (or at least Japanese Spring) we do have seven new releases, including 3 that are part of a gourmet-oriented anthology about the different foods Gensokyo girls are good at preparing. So, bon appetit!

Asatsuki Dou – Myouren Temple’s Millennium Plum Sake


First story in the Girl’s Specialty anthology. And old jar of plum sake is found at the Myoren temple, which brings back memories to some of its members. …and then everybody dies tragically (or not).

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