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Gaku Back to School Update

So, after the holidays and vacations, it seems it’s time for most people to go back to school (or work) again. And it looks like it’s no different for us in Gaku. After slow times around New Year’s we have now nine new releases for you. Even some quite emotional and intellectual ones, to help get your mental shape back in order.  But a lot of light and funny ones to relax after that too. And what you know, there’s even a conveniently New Year-themed one…

Clash House – Gensokyo’s New Year’s Eve


Well, New Year’s Eve is a couple of weeks in the past now, but let’s take a look at how the Gensokyo resident’s spent theirs.

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Gaku 2015 Update

It’s day 5 of 2015, but it look like we are still in holiday mode, so not many new releases were ready for this update. Still, two is better than  nothing, so I hope you enjoy these, and Happy New Year!

DYNAMO – Sugar Eater


Despite being small, Nazrin is a big eater. But when she starts neglecting proper meals in favor of sugar, it starts affecting her attitude.
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