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Gaku のヮの Update

We are back, with three more releases. Not that much, but then again, the first one includes all five chapters of a series. Still, there’s a lot of epic fighting, relationship drama and even a dose of teh lewds to go with this update, so we hope you enjoy!

10 Squid Tentacles – Daiyousei vs Cirno


After getting a position as a main character in Fairy Wars, the fame goes up to Cirno’s head, and causes a serious rift in her friendship with Daiyousei. The results end up being more serious than anyone could expect.
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Gaku Update is Back

Hi there! Still slow times around here, but we are back, even if with a small update. So here’s three (actually four) cute stories for you to relieve any Touhou withdrawal syndrome you might have. Enjoy!

Rireba – Bittersweet Blue


Something is wrong with Akyuu’s supposedly perfect memory, and she things it’s related to Keine. But what kind of memory would be so problematic?
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Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade English Patch

Since we are in kind of a lull in terms of doujin releases, seems like a good opportunity to announce the release of the Touhou 13.5 English translation patch, developed by the folks at MotK.

You can download the patch as an executable or zip file. And it will also be available at our Game Patches section.

A big thank you to brliron and everyone else who worked on this patch.

And have fun with your Touhou fighting, now in understandable form!

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