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Gaku Lone Child Update

Yeah, things have been slow around here lately, so in the end we only have one release done for this update. But instead of postponing the update, we decided to go ahead and post our latest Wild and Horned Hermit release. So here’s hoping Kasen and Co. can keep you a nice company during the slow times.

NOTE: It’s terribly vexing, but it was pointed out that there’s a missing page in the translation. So we’ll take offline for a couple of days to get it fixed. Sorry about that. OTL

It’s fixed! Thanks for waitingwatching warmly!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit – Chapter 15


Gensokyo is right in the middle of Winter, and Reimu feels more like hibernating than caring for her shrine. Maybe Marisa and Kasen can get her to come up with something. But should they?


Thanks to Mae and everyone else!

Gaku Typhoon Update

At the typhoon Vongfong comes to Japan, we at Gaku are still braving the elements to bring new dojinshi to your doorstep (well… metaphorically speaking, that is). Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in this update, only three releases. But one of them is a new work by none less that Touhou manga-ka celebrity  Aki Eda, not something that we see a lot laltely. So we hope you enjoy.

Rocket Fuel★21  – Congratulations! – Marriage Short Story


Aki Eda’s first Touhou work in a long time, and she definitely takes the chance for a nice fantasy fulfillment regarding her favorite characters as brides. (Read the article)

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