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Gaku Bunch o’ Stuff Update

Here’s a treat for you all, after a lot of updates with relatively few releases, we once again have a big ol’ update going, with 10 new releases for (and no, it’s not in binary, you hypothetical smart-ass) Okay, so one of them is a old unannounced release, so what…

Anyway, this one’s big on comedy, but there’s also a nice dose of drama and romance as well. And  the “main course” is definitely the 3 new chapters of Suwanto’s slice-of-life. I guess you folks have enough to keep you busy for a while, so I’ll just leave you to it. Enjoy!

Ryusuitei – Suwakoto! Chapter 11


The gang finally arrives at Hijiri’s Special Ascetic Training, but some are definitely more motivated than others, and not all for the same reasons.

(Read the article)

Gaku Post-Comiket Update

So, Comiket 86 was just held in Japan. And despite the post-con exhaustion still lingering, we are here to release a new update. Including, among others, a new Wild and Horned hermit and yet another Yakumi Sarai (this one with only minimal cannibalism). So, enjoy!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit – Chapter 14


Not all youkai are feared or hated by humans. Which makes it particularly upsetting when their favorite youkai start disappearing. (Read the article)

Gaku, The Update

It’s a bit of a slow time, so we only have three releases for this update, but three good ones. Both Yakumi Sarai and Neko no Sakegoto are back again, the first with yet another gritty story (but not so grim as the last ones), and the latter with the usual hijinks involving Youmu and clothing. Also, we have the first Hot Dog Chuck release in a long time, with a short but sweet story. So enjoy!

Yakumi Sarai – RAIN FALL


When torrential rain and floods start afflicting Gensokyo, its residents everywhere have to start working to help and save both themselves and others. (Read the article)

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