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Soylent Gaku Update

We have six new releases for you this time, including new ones by Tohonifun and ANGELTYPE, and more. But if you read them all, it’s very possible that the ones that will cause the biggest reaction are the two Yakumi Sarai ones we also have. Just don’t be surprised if it leaves you with a strange taste in your mouth.

Tohonifun – Tengu Spirit


Hatate is fed up of being always behind Aya in newspaper rankings, and decides to fight for a better position. Not that it will be easy. (Read the article)

Gaku Sick Update

Today’s update comes a couple of days late due to an untimely illness and my desire to avoid this being the Gaku Vomiting Update. Thankfully, things are better now, and so we bring you these five new releases, including a new Tohonifun and two by Gensokomuten. So enjoy (and take care of our health)!

(Football thing? What football thing?)

Tohonifun – Kokoro’s Diary


Kokoro goes to train at the Myoren Temple to learn more about them and herself. But the experience is not quite like what she was expecting. (Read the article)

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