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Gaku Spam Update

Greetings. As Prince of Gensokyo I come into contact with you in terms of Confidentiality to make you an offer of Translated Touhou Doujinshi which have come into my possession here at the Hakuray Shrine but I am currently unable to publish as they are held by the Yama in Quality Control Hell. With your Help I expect to be able to deliver some of these Assets in this same post. All that is needed before we proceed is a small donation (either by Kappa Union, TenguCoins, or direct Donation Box deposit) towards operational costs. You can trust me and my Eientei associates with all your financial information as we are a non-profit Operation

Neko no Sakegoto – The Only One Thing to Do When You Have a Cold


These women have their own homemade cures for cold, doctors hate them! But there’s one that’s guaranteed to work, and you can have it for cheap and at no inconvenience.*

(Read the article)

Gaku Typical Update

We are back with another update. Not such a big one – four releases, including one we had forgotten to include before – but definitely a quality one. This time we have new releases by both popular and prolific circles Personal Color and Neko no Sakegoto, one by StrangeChameleon and and old one by Carcharias. So, we hope you like them.

Personal Color- To The Country of Trains


Trains are a dear subject of nostalgia for many Japanese. And so it’s not so surprising that we have another doujinshi about old trains, this time with Renko and Mary crossing a border into a very unusual afterworld. (Read the article)

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