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Gaku Grimbright Update

If you like your  stories either dark and violent or bright and fun, then I’m pretty sure we have a bit for you in this update. If you do like both types, then be prepared for an incoming mood roller-coaster. Especially on the dark side, we have the first new translations of Stripe Pattern and Fuantei in a long time, both with their trademark disturbingness. And there’s quite a few happier releases as well, both by old and new authors. So enjoy your dark fun!

Stripe Pattern – ⑨’s


Even in Paradise, some girls just get bored sometimes. And this being Gensokyo, they often take rather extreme measures to deal with it. (And despite the name, it’s not about Cirno.) (Read the article)

Gaku Doldrums Update

Seems it’s still kind of slow times here at Gaku. But still, we have five new releases for you, including the now almost obligatory Neko no Sakegoto, a rather long compilation of Nikutama Soba’s okami-Mystia stories, some yukkuri-age throwback strips and more. Hopefully still enough to entertrain you while the release rates doesn’t pick up!

Nikutama Soba – Night Sparrow in Love – The Complete Volume


The collected stories of Nikutama’s famous food stand tending version of Mystia and her feelings for the local charcoal dealer. (Read the article)

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