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Gaku Moving Update

Well, it wasn’t easy to make time for the update in the middle of moving out (current furniture: a futon, a chair, and two cardboard boxes). But this one is already a week late, so better get going to it! And we have some good releases this time, so I hope you enjoy!

Blue – Prayer


Chireiden’s lonely satori fgets hold of an strange item left there. That leads to her coming in touch with someone rather unexpected. (Read the article)

Gaku Update Delay Notice

Just a heads up: since we have only a few releases done by now, and quite a few more that just need some finishing touches, we are moving this update for next weekend.

See you soon!

Eine Kleine Gaku Update

No, no, I won’t be interspersing this update with semi-random German words, you can rest easy about that. But in any case, here is another smallish update, but also including some pretty good releases of mixed genres (comedy, slice-of-life, romance, drama, etc.).

So, I hope you all are feeling the sensation of looking forward to an update and seeing it has arrived (there must be a word for that in German…).

Water Cushion – Kaguya and Love in the Fog


Rumour  has it that one of Kaguya’s Impossible Requests has been fulfilled, so nuptials are in order. Mokou is understandably upset by the news.

(Read the article)

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