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Le Petit Gakú Update

Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs. Or maybe it’s bonsoir? Anyway, here’s another Gaku Update for you. It’s not as big as the latest ones, but c’est la vie. Still, we have seven new releases, including from some popular Touhou bande dessinée doujin authors, so we hope you enjoy.

Also, merci beaucoup for your response to the call for QC collaborators!



Oui, it’s Vivit Gray and it’s not MokoKeine (though they do make a cameo). To be fair, this time it was not Shinoasa who wrote the script. And so we have an unlikely Sanae x Aya (SanAya?) pairing, to which even our tengu reporter is not trés comfortable with.

(Read the article)

Call for Quality Checkers (and others)

Do you have a good eye for details? A good command of Ye Moderne Englishe? Like to nitpick? Are you that person that’s always correcting their friends on the correct usage of  ‘whom’? If so…



We want YOU!

More specifically, for those of you who have the time and feel like indulging your Grammar Nazi side, we would like to ask  you if you’re interested in  helping with the QC of doujin works in the Magic Archive Voile (“Where the Gaku magic gets done!” TM) by doing things like checking for typos, edit mistakes, awkward phrasing, etc. Naturally, at least for the grammar-related parts, it would be better if you are either a native speaker or very proficient in  English. (And Grammar Nazi jokes aside, what we actually are after is constructive and open-minded suggestions.)

If you are interested, you can check on the Touhou wiki’s Potential Comics page, mostly in the Final Checks section, for projects in the QC phase.

Other than that, if you happen to know Japanese and want to help, just look in the same page for the (huge number of) translatable doujinshi, or just browse Voile to see if you find something you like. Then it’s just a matter of posting your translation on the relevant thread, updating the wiki page, and hopefully stick around to help the editors and QC’ers if needed.

And likewise, if you have some experience editing comics, you could also help by offering to edit one of the Available translated doujinshi in the same page.

And that concludes this call for collaborators. We hope you have a nice day and fly with Gaku Air again.

Gaku Snowed Update

So, both Japan and North America have been getting some crazy snowstorms lately. But even if you happen to be feeling like you’re in a “Meanwhile in Finland” image macro, at least now you have these 9 new releases to entertain you. Of course, if you are getting scorched by the summer heat in the South hemisphere, or even lucky enough to be somewhere with a fair weather, you’re still welcome to enjoy them.

Millet Soup – Voluptuous Shanghai Doll!!


Due to magical mishaps, Alice’s usually small and silent doll gets a quite grown up body. And now she’s eager to talk to her best friend from her doll days. (Read the article)

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