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Gaku Regular Plus Update

Okay, there’s nothing particular unique about today’s update… well, except for the fact that, in before we had some releases form popular classic circles, now we have a lot of releases by both old (ANGELTYPE, Asatsuki-dou, Millet Soup) and new (Carcharias!, Neko no Sakegoto, Ryusuitei…) ones. One way or another, it’s a bunch of great stories, so I hope you enjoy!

Carcharias! – Soga no Tojiko Will Not Talk – Chapter of Happiness – Former Part


The first part of the fourth installment in this surprisingly deep of Tojiko’s backstory. Stricken with anger, grief and jealousy, and tempted by Seiga’s devilish allure, Tojiko soul is close to a breaking point. (Note: Some adult themes.) (Read the article)

Gaku Paired Update

And so we begin a new year of releases, glad to see you again!

And to begin this year we have an update that, oddly enough, seems to have a lot of releases in very particular pairs. There’s two old and famous Touhou circles getting translated again after a long while, two releases about learning Taoism, two with detailed dessert recipes… there’s only one about Alice though (isn’t it sad, Alice?). But actually, we can say that they are all mostly on the fun side (not to say hilarious) with some cuteness and romance involved. So here’s to a good 2014!

Rocket Fuel☆21 – Lover of Moonlight Night


Though it’s not recent, it’s the first Aki Eda release we have in a long time. And it features nothing less than Reimu and Marisa’s bickering relationship at its best. (Read the article)

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