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’twas the Gaku Update Before Christmas…

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you had all a tolerably good last year. But in any case, to help with your end-of-year cheer, Gaku-Touhou-hou-hou is here with 8 new releases that go back and forht between hilarious and nonsensical, with just a faint hint of drama and/or seriousness in them. So, we hope you have fun, and see you again next year! (Next update will be Jan 12th, by the way.)

Neko no Sakegoto – A Spell To Make You Warm!


Youmu manages (although by accident) to score a date with Yuyuko, but then she has to desperately seek help on what to do on it. (Read the article)

Gaku Sanaetastic Update

Hi there, hope you folks like Sanae, because of the 11 new releases we got today (including Personal Color and the obligatory KeinexMokou Vivit Gray), six of them have Moriya’s green-haired idol miko in then. Most of them (both Sanae and non-Sanae ones) are on the funny end of the spectrum, but there’s a couple of serious and heartwarming ones too.
So, let’s start!

ZAZENBEAT – Do Electric Cabinet Dream of Miracle Girls?


Sanae has a plan for bringing a traditional outside world establishment to Gensokyo, and enlists Marisa and Nitori to help. (Read the article)

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