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Gaku In Transit Update

So, update is a little late this week since I’ve been travelling these last days, so sorry about that. But in any case here it is now! And if the last one was about “newcomers”, this one on the other hand is full of famous circles and authors. So let’s cut the talk short and go on to them!

Carcharias! – Soga no Tojiko Will Not Talk – Chapter of Wonder


Even though Tojiko seems to have accepted her fate, it’s now the people around her that want to help her. (Read the article)

Gaku Newcomers Update

In today’s update we seem to have a lot of first-timers circles among our translated ones. And not only they are good, some of them are actually pretty damn great. So let’s hope we get around to translating more from them in the future. And besides the newcomers there are also releases by regulars Rireba and Rice. So, check them out!

UNKNOWN – Udongein vs Remilia  the last volume -Finished-


Quick: who would win a fight between a rabbit with guns and a bloodthirsty bat (that are also cute girls)? You, that’s who. Note: Some graphic violent scenes. (And yes, UNKNOWN is actually the circle’s name.) (Read the article)

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