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The Tao of Gaku Update

OK, so this time around we have a few Hall of Dreams-centered releases, and even if they are not the majority of the update, I assume are expected. So, besides the second part of Tojiko’s surprisingly epic backstory by Carcahrias and noise-111’s Miko x Hijiri, we have stories by Aozora-Market, UkiUki Watching, Warugaki (SK-II) and first-timer Perpetual Locomotive, all very much on the funny side of the Tao.  So, enjoy!

Carcharias! – Soga no Tojiko Will Not Talk – Chapter of Discord


Not much hilarity left in this second volume as Tojiko digs deeper into the religious conspiracy surrounding her beloved husband. (Read the article)

Gaku Olympic Update

Time for another update, which comes right in time to commemorate Tokyo’s winning bid for the 2020’s Olympics. Good thing for the rest of the world that Gensokyo is sealed away nowadays, or else the games would be drowned in youkai and magic hackery.

Anyway, there’s some great releases this time as well, two Tohonifun ones, two Reimu and Cirno ones, plus the first part in a promising series by Carcharias and much more. So, enjoy!

Tohonifun – Solar Eclipse – Latter Part


Seiga carries on with her plan to bring a different kind of zombie apocalypse to Gensokyo, and manages to get a surprisingly number of allies. Epic confrontation ensues. (Read the article)

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