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Gaku Wicked Update

And we are back for another update. And speaking of back, Wild and Horned Hermit is also back to our releases. And, along with the new Tohonifun release, it seems to focus on a certain unwholesome character of lax morals… (actually, that could apply for a good part of the Touhou cast). Anyway, other than that there is more Dog Sakuya, as well as some heart-warming stories from Rireba  and Faintly Citrus, and your (over)dose of craziness from Hyper Summer Wars and LEMLAML. So, we wickedly hope you enjoy.

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit – Chapter 12


Kasen gets an unexpected visitor at her house. And later meets someone a little like her, except more “wicked”. (Read the article)

Double Dealing Gaku Update

So, to make up for the lack of update last week, we now bring you ten new releases, and most of them from famous circles like Tohonifun, ANLGELTYPE, Honey Sakura, Blue and many others. All in all, we hope it’s a fitting update for to accompany today’s release of Double Dealing Character, the 14th Touhou Game. So without further ado, enjoy!

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp – A Puppet Show Compilation ~Perfect Doll Action~


A long and dramatic story about Alice and Shanghai’s feelings and the struggle for their future. (Read the article)

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