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Gaku Serial Update

(Note: Next update will be at Aug. 11th, just a heads-up.)

Not, today’s update is not about serial killers or something like that (though, considering some of Touhou’s characters, we might end up having one like that someday). It’s just that most of our releases this time are parts of a series, be it a series of gorgeously illustrated books featuring Tenshi in fantastic (in both senses) backgrounds, a series of short stories with a very motherly Udonge, or even one more in Angeltype’s Inu Sakuya books. But them again, we have a couple of standalones as well, like this first tone…

Omchiken – Please Stop We’ll Die


Reimu and Sanae finally overdid it with their rivalry and got themselves killed. So… what happens next, do they both go to Hell or something? (Warning: Some nudity.) (Read the article)

Gaku Couples Update

Today’s update is all about couples. Hardly unusual in Touhou doujinshi, admittedly. But it so happens that most of our seven releases this time are about Gensokyo’s couples, both the usual and some unusual ones. So, if you happen to like romance, please proceed onwards for all your couple-related needs!

KEMONOMICHI – U.S.C. Yuka’s Flower Shop KAZAMI YUxARI ver


Turns out Yuuka has a thing for Alice. And she seems to be planning to go on with a very morally questionable overture towards her belle. (Read the article)

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