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Gaku Middle Update

And so we are now at around the middle of the year. We released a lot of translations so far, but let’s see if we can release even more in the rest of the year! As for today then, we have 9 new releases, including some old works like a pre-Miko Suika(well, not really) Haniwa, some new ones like the first Kasen doujin we release, an unusual not-MokoKeine Vivit Gray, two more of Suwakoto and others. So, hope you enjoy the variety, and keep up with us for the rest of 2013!

Haniwa’s Store – Seven-colored Spring Snow


As the winter stretched unusually long during the events of PCB, the Seven Colored Puppeteer considered taking action herself against this incident. (Read the article)

Gaku Paranoia Update

Greetings Citizen! How are you doing in this glorious day? Happy and productive, I expect? You should be. After all, happiness is mandatory. Only a traitor would not be happy. And treason is punishable by death. So says our Great Friend, The Computer. And the Computer has just sent you these seven new releases for you to read. And you should read them. The Computer knows everything you do. To not read them would be treason. So let’s happily proceed and enjoy them.
No, there’s nothing topical about this, Citizen. That would be just a rumor. And spreading rumors is treason.

VISIONNERZ – Maiden’s Illusionary Funeral


Yes, this is actually a revised edit. But still, it’s totally worth checking out the first part of VISIONNERZ’s epic about Yukari and Yuyuko’s relationship. Note: some strong scenes.

(Read the article)

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