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Gaku Reitaisai 10 Update

As you might know, the tenth edition of Reitaisai, Touhou’s exclusive doujinshi event, just took place.  And to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary (as well as the release of the new Touhou fighting game and new shooting game demo), here we have 10 new releases for you.

Neko no Sakegoto – A Lark with Troublesome Divine Spirits


The girls gather in the Netherworld to investigate the case of the spirits born of human desires, but the discussion quickly gets derailed into some very different kind of investigation. (Read the article)

Gaku Update? Yup, Gaku Update.

Oh, right, new update time! Sorry for the slight delay, folks. But anyway, here you have six new releases, including things as Asatsuki-dou going for something a little different, as well as SoN picking up the slack in for the creepiness quota. Not to mention the usual romance and comedy from Yonurime, Sheep Box and Gaku first-timers Pure and popopo. Enjoy!

Asatsuki-Dou – Remilia Cooking!!


Asatsuki-Dou for once goes for a light-hearted comedy manga. No way at all anything disturbing is gonna show up in this one, nosiree.
(Read the article)

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