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Gaku Golden Week Again Update

Once again is the Golden Week in Japan, an (almost) whole week of holidays in the country that’s always working. But luckily for you, our translation work hasn’t stopped in the last couple of weeks. So even if you don’t have holidays to enjoy in this week, you can still enjoy these seven new releases!

Magicaltale- Orin-chan and Satori-sama


One day Satori took a little abandoned kitty home. And so the Earth Spirits Palace became ♡% more adorable
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Gaku Weird & Normal Update

Sorry for the delay! But even though this update is a couple of days late, it makes up in (somehow) both craziness and calm. So if you’re in a maniac-depressive mood, I guess you’ll particularly like this one. Enough delay them, enjoy!

Saku Saku Tei- Can’t Return to the Forest of Books


Patchouli comes up with a radical modernization plan that will make Koakuma’s library job obsolete. She is understandably upset, and there not being worker’s unions in Gensokyo, takes the matter into her own hands.
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Gaku Sakura Update

It’s cherry blossom season in Japan. And in true romantic fashion, two of our releases are wedding-related. As for the others… well, they are kind on the weird side. But like they say in Japan, spring brings out the weird in people…

But anyway, we are already late, so let’s go to it:

PNP – ReiMari Squeeze


It’s Touhou Schoolgirls Setting time again. And in this one Reimu and Marisa are talking about their plans for the future, which escalate very quickly, much to Marisa’s embarrassment.
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