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Gaku Vacation Update

Hmm… It’s been a while since I’ve done one these, so suffice to say, it’s vacation time for spring breakers. Break out the beer and corned beef for St. Patrick’s day and a helping of doujin work on the side!


Fantasy Engineering Works – Days Woven with Illusion ~ Girl of the dusk~


From the Master known as Gensoukoumuten, one night out of nowhere, Rumia appears in a couple’s home and eventually becomes part of their life. However rosy things may seem, is it what you would call a family?

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Mr Gaku Simple New Things

Today’s new things are written very simply. In fact, we are just using the ten hundred most used words for it! (Just like the way the Up-Goer Five was explained.)
There is seven new stories for you to read this time. Some are serious and some are funny. Some are also really hard to explain, but we will try our best. So, I hope you enjoy!

Personal Color – Being, Becoming, and to Be ~Middle Part~


Mrs Patchouli and Mrs Marisa went look for Mrs Alice, who went back to her mother’s world. But there are many more problems. (Change: First part here.)
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