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Gaku Regular Update

Hmm, there’s really no particular occasion or gimmick this time around. But that doesn’t stop it from being a nice update, including releases by famous circles Personal Color and Millet Soup, ecchi comedy by Neko no Sakegoto, happy fun times with Asatsuki Dou, more Suwakoto! and more. So, just go on to it and enjoy!

Personal Color – Life at the Shrine + the Kitty ~New Year’s End Volume~


The regulars at the Hakurei Shrine seem to already have gotten used to the new feline resident. And now they gather to celebrate the New Year for the first time since the new arrival.
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Gaku Setsubun Again Update

And it’s once again Setsubun in Japan, when throw beans to chase the oni away and bring luck in, the effectiveness of which is up to discussion. But it might really have worked this time, since we don’t have more than a small appearance by our horned devas. But we do have the long-awaited final part of Iyokan’s Moriya epic, plus many other releases alternating between fun and seriousness.

And in keeping up with the purported beginning of spring, we have two more stories of the Bococho’s Farm Kazami Yuuka anthology, completing the translation of the entire book. You can get the stories below, or just download the whole thing.

(Also, there was some thing about American football…)

Iyokan – Though the Wind Cries – Latter Part


The final part of Iyokan’s  stirring take on the story of the Moriya goddesses. After the grievances and sacriffices of their past, how do they fit in the modern world? And how does Sanae fit amongst them?
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