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Gaku Mayan Christmas Update

So, all evidence indicates that the world has nonchalantly survived yet another apocalypse, we’re getting good at that! (Though this  time we might have had some help.)

Anyway, after that we were safe again to celebrate [insert holiday of choice here], and so we now bring to you this update as a holiday present of sorts. It’s 11 releases this time around, and they are mostly much focused on romance, with either fun or contemplation thrown in for good measure. So, I hope you enjoy these, beginning with a very topical one:

Neko no Sakegoto – Touhou Christmas Eve


Marisa comes for a Christmas Eve sleepover (with an uninvited stowaway along) and  introduces Reimu to the concept, who is pretty quick to get in to the real meaning of the holiday.
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Gaku Comeback Update

OK, so after the missed update due to server problems last week, we have quite a lot of releases lined up for this one, including two chapters of Wild and Horned hermit, plus works by Kemonomichi, Pigeon Blood and many others. Most of them are on the funny side, but there’s a bit of action and even romance and introspection thrown in for good measure.

Also the new torrent archive is now linked at the top of the page under Gallery (archive). Most of the older works in the recent archive are going to be deleted soon (to help avoid more server problems), but you’ll still be able to get it from the torrent or the mirror links here and in the wiki.

And now, by all means, follow the advice of Sakuya here:

KEMONOMICHI – Elemental 8 – Part II


In the second part of Patchouli and Co.’s quest to save the library, Patchy and Meiling pay an overnight visit to Marisa, while Sakuya helps Koakuma with her “bug extermination” efforts.
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Site Back Up Again

As you might have noticed, the site was suffering from some hosting issues in the last days, but we are back up now. Naturally, it wasn’t possible to make the scheduled update last weekend, so the next update is now scheduled for next Sunday. Please wait watch warmly until it is ready.

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