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Gaku Scrollery Update

And we are back. And just like I predicted (nay, forecasted) in the last update’s comments, we do have a landslide of an update this time around, breaking the chain of last month’s shortish ones. And not only that, this time we are also releasing the first chapter of Forbidden Scrollery, the new official Touhou manga starring supernatural bibliophile Kosuzu Motoori and her somewhat shady book-renting store. And if that wasn’t enough, the other releases are no small fry either, there’s also stories from famous circles such as (pre- Miko Suika) Haniwa, Saku Saku Tei, Pigeon Blood, Bomber Grape, a collaboration between Shako and Kemonomich, and several others!

So, scroll down for your dose of digital Touhou scrollery!

Edit: Also, there’s a new torrent archive containing all Gaku-Touhou releases as of the last update. (The front page link has now been updated.)

Official – Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 1


In the first chapter of this new series, we are introduced to Kosuzu, a girl who really likes books. Especially if they are old, eldritch, and potentially dangerous.
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Gaku Briefer Update

Yes, it looks as our update is even smaller this time, with only two new releases. Though at least one of them is a quite long Millet Soup story (as usual). And also on the bright side, many releases that weren’t quite ready for this update will likely be up for the next (including the first chapter of the new official manga Forbidden Scrollery), so look forward to it and enjoy these two meanwhile.

Millet Soup  – Effective Medicine for the Worrisome You!!


It looks like Alice has literally worried herself sick, so it’s up to Patchy and Koa to go help her recover.
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