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Gaku Brief Update

Not as big a update this time around, but in the four releases we have this time there are some nice sentimental stories by Personal Color and Mental Apricot, a funny and hijinks-laden one by Ginza Guillotine and a short cute one by Seven-Colored Gensokyo. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy them!

Personal Color – The Circumstances Which Led to Her Being Invited to That Room


Sakuya is understandably upset when a black-white mouse starts pilfering stuff from the SDM. What she doesn’t expect is a reflection on loneliness and one’s relationships.
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Gaku Fun Times Update

To compensate for the relatively small size of the previous update, here’s one with seven new releases for you. And, as you can see, most are very much in the funny side of the Force. So, if you need a little mood uplift, here you have some hilarious (and often borderline nonsensical) stuff from UZBL!, ANGELTYPE and newcomer Hyper Summer Wars, plus some romance from Pigeon Blood and Blue. And Yakumi Sarai, which is… OK, that one is not exactly light-hearted and funny (more like very dark humour), but still very good (just don’t read it before eating).

UZBL! – The Flight of the Gensokyo Punisher


Evildoers beware, there’s a new vigilante prowling the nights of Gensokyo, dealing justice and reckoning. Yuuka is not impressed.
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