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Gaku Short-ish Update

So, yeah, we only have three releases this time. Many were still in the final checks phase, so hopefully there will be more next time. But for now we hope you can enjoys these stories by classic circle Personal Color, recent favorite Yakumi Sarai and newcomer Calamity tribe.

Personal Color – Meeting You in a Dream


Marisa got hold of a grimoire of dream magic, and goes up to Alice so they can get a little “Touhouception” going.
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Gaku Update なう

Apologizing for the delay again, bu here we are with the latest Gaku Update! Six new releases this time, including the 13th installment of the Miko Miko Suika series (but I do start to wonder for how long it’s going to go…), a nicely illustrated work by Kemonomichi, plus the obligatory dose of action, comedy and romance. Oh, and Asatsuki Dou doing his thing.

Haniwa’s Store – Dancing for the Gods at the Moriya Shrine


The newest installment of the Miko Miko Suika series… revisiting an old plot. Finding herself once again homeless, Reimu (along with Suika) once again goes to the Moriya Shrine, but this time Kanako has an idea to put them to good use.
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