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Gaku Short Update

Well, it’s not the smallest update we’ve had, by any means. But compared with the recents big updates with up to 12 releases, this one is somewhat more modest. But there’s still enough to go around, with five releases divided between the funny and naughty, and the more serious and romantic ones. So, enjoy!

Bear’s Walking Path – Undefined Fantastic Opants!


Sanae becomes unreasonably intrigued by the “undefined” aspect of Nue’s underwear. And so she ends up dragging Reimu and Marisa to find out more about it.
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MariAli 2 English Translation Patch v1.0

We’ve got another game patch ready for you today; this time, it’s for Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower, AKA MariAli 2, from desuno.

MariAli 2 English Translation

You can download the link by clicking on the image above, or on this link if text takes your fancy instead. As usual, read past the break for more information about installation.

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Gaku Strife & Love Update

As the title implies, today’s update is more or less divided into stories about bitter fights and suffering, and  others of romance and fun. Kind of a strange mix, but with Touhou this is on par for the course. And accounting for most of the strife part are the first 3 of a 5 chapter story by Shigure Ebi (aka Autumn Drizzle Shrimp) about the story of SA going way worse than the original.

Autumn Drizzle Shrimp – Utsuho of the Void Chapter 1


Both the peace and climate of Gensokyo are shattered by a mysterious cataclysm and several sides start scrambling to solve what is indeed an unprecedented serious affair.
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Hellsinker English Patch v1.1

Just a small bug fix patch; you can download the patch at this link.

This update corrects some minor typos in the manual, corrects a texturing bug in stage 8, and fixes an issue with the hs_pad.exe configuration tool. To install, follow the same steps for the original patch; if you’ve already installed 1.0, you can simply install the new patch directly over the old one.

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