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Hellsinker English Patch v1.0 Complete!

The Death is waiting for you. Please don’t disappoint him.

Hellsinker English translation patch

We’ve taken a break from Touhou games to translate another doujin shooter: Hellsinker, released by the circle Ruminant’s Whimper at Comiket 72. For those that have run into it before, it’s notable for the complexity of the game’s systems and for the near incomprehensible Engrish that features in many of the game’s graphics.

With that in mind, we’ve completed translation of the in-game text and the HTML manual accompanying the game. The existing “Engrish” graphics have (for the most part) been left as is since they’re a part of the game’s charm, but the actual story elements have been translated into English – although it’s arguable how much sense the story makes even in Japanese, so consider yourself warned. Read on past the break for more information on installation.

(Read the article)

Gaku Nuptial Update

As some of you might already know, ZUN had his wedding ceremony yesterday, the same day of Reitaisai 9 (but at a different place). So here’s to the Hakurei Priest and his wife, may they live happily ever after!

And to commemorate, here’s nine new releases for you. (Even though none of them is wedding-related, unfortunately.)

Anatawo Haijindesu – Koishi the Loving Gourmet Vol. 4

The fourth volume of Koishi’s gastronomic journey. But isn’t it more like a gastronomic exile? (Read the article)

Gaku Dime a Dozen Update

Yeah, update is somewhat late again, but it was for a good cause, I assure you. The important thing though, is that as the title implies, we have no less than 12 new releases for you this time (and you don’t even have to pay the titular dime). And that includes not only a new chapter of Wild and Horned Hermit, but the next installment in Golden Pe Done’s Madness in Bloom, releases by classic Touhou artists such as Felis Ovum and Vivit Gray, as well as many different styles and themes of story. So, take your time and enjoy!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 8


Reimu’s daily life seems to involve mostly dealing with youkai and trying to raise money. But what if she can use one of these to obtain the other? (Read the article)

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