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Gaku Late Update Again!?

Yes, sorry about that, had a very tiring day yesterday and excuses, excuses

But anyway, the good thing is that we have eight new releases for you this time, including a Haniwa one that is not Miko Miko Suika (gasp!) as well as works by classic Touhou authors Hero Bear and One Night Stand. Plus some classical romantic pairings, some not so classical ones as well as lots of cuteness, tsundereness and lap pillowing.

Haniwa’s Store – Puella Magi Yukari Magica


A young Yukari finds out that anything is possible, if she makes a contract with… what? Note: Some spoilers for Madoka Magica
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Gaku Hanami Update

So, around this time everyone in Japan is busy looking at the cherry blossoms (and using it as an excuse to get drunk during the day). Unfortunately, we don’t have any doujinshi about flower-viewing this time, but we still have seven great ones for you, even if a little late. There’s another Miko Suika one (we are on a roll with those), the last part of Morino Hon’s Omoito series, plus releases by happy flame time, Golden Pe Done and others. So I hope you enjoy these as much as people are enjoying the cherry blossoms!

Haniwa’s Store – Miko Miko Suika 12: Electric Fan for the Temporary Hakurei Shrine!?


Summer is hot, so it’s not surprising that Reimu would want an electric fan like the one the Moriyas have. No way this simple wish could result in crazy hijinks right?
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Remidoki English Patch v1.0

After a long wait, the English translation of Remidoki – the full title being Ojousama no Dokidoki Daisakusen – is complete and ready for download! The game is a sidescrolling puzzle-based 2D platformer, released by Blue Mica at Comiket 78 in 2010. We’ve been working on the patch for some time, and it’s finally ready for release! You can download the patch at this link, or by clicking on the image above.

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Gaku Blingee Update

Okay, here’s the deal: since the vuvuzela update I’ve been wanting to do this, and I’m not gonna hold on anymore. So yeah, I’m gonna bring on the bling onto these new releases… and you are gonna like it!

Namomi’s Shrine – Patchy Alice and the Light Book

Patchouli get into some sexy doujinshi action, and drags Alice screaming and moaning into it! Go check it out for all the saucy scenes!
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