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Gaku St. Patrick’s Update

More like Gaku Hangover Update....

Well, doing to the consequences of said Irish festivities, this week’s update will be delayed for about one day. Sorry for the inconvenience, and please wait warmly…

OK, sorry for the delay. I hope you won’t mind that and the relative shortness of this update,  since we have some pretty good releases this time around. And speaking of St. Paddy’s day, our first one is that famous series centered about an oni girl that’s quite found of drinking everyday herself…

Haniwa’s Store – Miko Miko Suika 11: Shrine Maiden Awakening at the Hakurei Shrine!?


Eleven volumes on, it’s pretty obvious that Suika is a much more popular shrine maiden than Reimu. And that’s getting the original Hakurei maiden pretty worked up about.
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Gaku Memories Update

If there’s a common theme to this update, is that most of the stories in it deal with either the character’s unexplained pasts, or with alternate representations of their lives. Not an uncommon premise for Touhou doujinshi, but this time we have a lot of outstanding examples, ranging from epic to gritty to heartwarming. The exceptions would be Millet Soup and +Legacy, with a more usual setting, only with the craziness turned up a bit (not an uncommon theme as well!). So, as usual, we hope you enjoy!

Water Cushion –  Time of the Full Moon – Latter Part


After a loong time we now release the third and final part in Mizutaki’s tour de force about Kaguya and Yuyuko’s intertwined past coming together in a mix of dream and storytelling. (First and second parts here.)
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