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Gaku Quick Update

OK, not much time to finish writing this. So, I guess I’ll just leave the six new updates here. This time including a new chapter of Wild and Horned Hermit. As well as a lot of stories involving the outside world protagonists. So, hope you enjoy!

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit  – Chapter 07


The Hakurei shrine is as devoid of (donating) visitors as ever. So, as Reimu and Marisa discuss a plan to step up business, Kasen and Sanae end up getting involved as well.
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Gaku Football Thingy Update

I think that is safe to assume that most of our American readers – the ones who care about football, a least – will be having quite a good time today with the Super Bowl. But for the ones who are not particularly into it, at least you now have seven new doujin releases to amuse yourself with! And for the ones who are already having fun watching football, well, you still get to read them afterwards. So hey, double fun for you today!

Strange Chameleon – Izayoi Scramble


It seems Sakuya’s most important possession has gone missing. But she’s quick to take strong measures to retrieve. Maybe too quick and too strong…
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