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Gaku Throttle Up Update

Seems like activity is picking up again after the holidays ‘slump’, because we have 6 new releases for you today. And from a lot of famous and fan-favorite circles, on top of that! There’s one more Miko Miko Suika from Haniwa, plus a gritty Wriggle doujin by Fusuma and a contemplative piece by Personal Color. Plus, there’s our first full-length release by amazing artist Kemonomichi and plus two doujins with some very particular sense of humour by Bear’s Walking Path and Seventh Warehouse (aka Yamato Nadeshiko). So, hope you enjoy these ones. And hopefully we will have even more good ones for you next time.

Haniwa’s Store – Autumn Won’t Come to The Hakurei Shrine!?


Remember that incident when winter wasn’t ending? Well, it’s the same now, only with summer! And Reimu seems a lot more peeved this time around, if only because that seems to be affecting just the Hakurei Shrine.
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Bang! Gaku Update

And here we are, back with you for another year of Touhou-ness. And since there has been no lack of doomsayers saying this year will end with a bang, we decided we’d rather start it with a bang instead! So here you have five releases, most of which can only be described as exciting and saucy. So, yeah, hope you weren’t looking for anything too relaxing or modest, ’cause these doujins are more like the opposite of that! (But we will have more of the other kind later on, I assure you.)

Tohonifun – Touhou Bomber Yeah!


You thought we were joking about the “bang” part? Nosirre, in this Tohonifun release, the girls forgo danmaku to drop Da Bomb on each other.
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