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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Translation Patch v1.1

As with Hisoutensoku, Tasofro has recently released an update for the standard version of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. We’ve updated the patch accordingly; you can download it at this link. Make sure that SWR is updated to version 1.06a before attempting to install the patch; you can get the game patch from Tasofro’s webpage at this link. You can find a full changelog for this patch after the break.

Gaku Cats and Dogs Update

Nom nom, delicious placeholder  text. (Sorry, I was a bit short on time.)

So, today’s update is all about cats and dogs (with rats and foxes and crows thrown in for good measure), or the characters associated with them. Or even ones that usually aren’t, in some cases. But the best thing is that not only there are eight of them, there’s a lot of fan-favorite circles that hadn’t been on the updates for some time, like ANGELTYPE, happy flame time and canaria mint (Japanese doujin circles don’t seem to quite grasp English capitalization rules). So, go ahead and enjoy all this animal similitude goodness!



Why drawing a doujin about the Mistress of the SDM as a cat? Well, at the end of it you’ll be asking why not do it EVERY time . (Read the article)

Gaku Unusual Update

Today’s update is a little on the short side, well, at least compared with the latest ones. But still we have four releases this time, including a new Miko Miko Suika. And you’ll notice that except for this one – which is all you would expect a Miko Miko Suika book to be – all of today’s releases have kind of unusual (and rather amusing) premises. So, go check them out and see what I’m talking about!

Carcharias! – No More Rice!


Sanae’s new spellcard has been something of a drain in the Moriya household’s resources, and they are trying all they can to fix it. Note: Some mature content (as you might’ve noticed).

(Read the article)

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