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Gaku Trick Or Treat Update

Yes, it’s All Hallows Eve today, and to celebrate it we have a spooooky update for you today.

…okay, not really. I mean, it’s not our fault, it’s just that most of the releases this time are kinda on the cute and upbeat side, more than usual even. But hey, on the bright side, that means we have quite the sweet Halloween treat for you today! So, read up and enjoy. And bonus points for you if you go out tonight dressed as youkai umbrella to scare people up.

Millet Soup – Scarlet Devil’s Day Off!!


Meiling gets a day off from Remilia, and is not quite sure what she will do with it. But she is more certain of with who she wants to do it. (Read the article)

Ten Desires English Patch ver. 1.0

Ten Desires English Patch

The English patch for Ten Desires is ready!

You can download the patch by clicking the image above (or on this link). You’ll need to be sure that Ten Desires is updated to version 1.00c; you can download the game update patch from ZUN’s website (here) if you need it.

(Read the article)

SWRS English Patch v. 1.1a

The Hisoutensoku patch has been updated for compatibility with SWRS 1.10a, after the recent patch release by Tasofro; we’ve updated to patch a couple of bugs with the 1.1 translation patch. Minor fixes have been included; you can get a more complete list after the break.

To download the patch, click this link.

(Read the article)

Gaku Mini Update

OK, so today’s update is kind of short (and kinda late orz). Unfortunately, many releases were in the final check phase and didn’t make it in time. But even so we still have yet another Miko Miko Suika (and there’s still more to come!) as well as two more stories from the Yuuka Kazami’s Sunflower field anthology, which we are close to completing, in fact. So I hope you can still enjoy them.

Haniwa’s Store – Miko Miko Suika 8: Gossip at the Temporary Hakurei Shrine

When a little girl bearing a striking resemblance to Yukari shows up at (what passes for) the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu is suitably suspicious.

(Read the article)

Miko Miko Gaku Update

Today’s has largely two themes, one is the return of Haniwa’s famous Miko Miko Suika series, with two releases of oni miko goodness (no, not that kind of oni miko). And the other theme is again the SDM (vampires are popular nowadays, right?), with stories involving pretty much everyone of their residents. But before all that we also have a new chapter of everyone’s favorite one-armed ascetic:

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 6


The girls at the Hakurei Shrine are feeling lethargic, I mean, more than the usual. So it’s left for Kasen to solve a small problem with a  monster there. A pocket-sized one, you could even say… (Read the article)

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