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Gaku Ten Releases Update

It’s been just about a week since Ten Desires was releases, so understandably there hasn’t been any TD-themed doujinshi released yet (unlike fanart). That doesn’t stop us from doing our own Ten Desires release. Because you desire releases, right? And there’s ten of them, get it?

…okay, that doesn’t sound so smart as when I first thought of it. But still, ten releases. Including new chapters of Wild and Horned Hermit, Nature Deity and the next part of Gensou Liar Game. So I guess the releases themselves can more than make up from any lame pun.

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit Chapter 4


Once again electric power generation seems to cause an incident in Gensokyo, but this time things are not as straightforward as it seems. (Read the article)

Replay Uploader Update

Hope everyone’s enjoying Ten Desires! The replay uploader has now been updated to allow uploads of TH13 replays. Due to the way 10D is currently working however, there are a couple of notes to keep in mind:

  • Spellcard practice replays are currently not detected correctly; they’ll show up as standard practice runs. We’re investigating whether we can get these auto-detected by the replay uploader; if this turns out not to be the case, the upload page will have fields added for you to mark the replay as a spellcard replay and state the card number.

We’re getting the gears moving on the patch process as well; we can’t give any kind of date for when it’ll be ready, but we hope to have the game in English for everyone soon!

UPDATE: ZUN has released an update patch for Ten Desires; you can get the patch here. The replay uploader has been updated to show the version of the game for the replay; older versions may or may not work in the patched version of the game. User replays are also working correctly now, so renaming replays should no longer be necessary.

Gaku Jet-lagged Update

Placeholder: I’m terribly sorry, but due to arriving from a very long trip just no long ago, the time lag is still doing a number on my biological rhythm. So the update will likely have to come later the next day, please wait warmly…

Thanks so much for your patience, folks. In an untimely coincidence, both me and Ruka were just arriving from long trips these days, so the schedule suffered a little. But we are now back to our schedule programming, with another release by the prolific  Millet Soup,  a somewhat naughty collaboration by Tamagoyaki and Yudokuya, two more stories – by Bococho-farm and Asatsuki Dou – from the Yuuka Kazami’s Sunflower Field anthology, a Kourin x Keine thing from Tokiko fan Regional Secession and a short story by Vivit Gray. So even if it’s a little late, I hope you enjoy!

Millet Soup – Something Even Sweeter Than Chocolate!!


Flandre learns about Valentine’s Day, and decides to try it. Soon we find out that she’s not the only one that’s enthusiastic about it.

(Read the article)

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