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Gaku Just In Time Update

Sorry for being brief this time, but things have been incredibly busy and I just had time to set the update up more or less in time. So, I guess I’ll just have to let the nine releases we have speak for themselves. (Oh, and in the end we couldn’t get either WHH or SaBND ready for this update, sorry about that too.)

PONJIYUUSUU – Gensokyo’s Liar Game I


The Yama’s Hell is running out of money, and in order to salvage their situation they’ll have to raise the debt ceiling implement a competition in Gensokyo, and now our girls must play a game, the most dangerous game.

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Gaku Doorstopper Update

And so we’re back with another update, and it’s a big one. Not only in the number of releases, but in the fact that a few of these releases run for quite a number of pages. And not only that, but a some are actually parts of even bigger stories. So I guess that might be quite the reading material for the next days. And it’s not all about quantity, mind you. Not only we are back with the latest official manga, Wild and Horned Hermit, but there’s also a doujinshi by SaBND artist Makoto Hirasaka, the last installment in Hashiya‘s time-traveling epic. Plus dramatic and romantic releases by Strange Chameleon, RED-SIGHT and Pigeon Blood, as well as comedy from Pageratta and Lost Rage. So, enjoy your reading. Or… you know, print them all and use it to hold that pesky door open.

Official – Wild and Horned Hermit – Chapter 03

Kasen seems to be having a hard time protecting people from both cursed spirits and their own greed. Moreover, it seems some people from the otherworld have taken notice of her actions.

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