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Gaku Post-Solstice Update

So, having passed the longest day/night of the year this week, we now get close to the middle of this year as well. So in case you are tired from all these months of study/work, here’s six more releases – focusing on comedy and romance – to cheer you up. But even if you are not particularly tired or stressed, nothing stops you from being cheered up anyway!

PONJIYUUSUU? – Mistress’ Home Party Epic Battle

Party @Remilia’s! And she wants to make sure everyone shows up. This being Gensokyo, this might result in some trouble…

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Gaku Exclamation Update!!

Yes! This update is sure an exciting one! Not only do we have eight (eight!) new releases, it just so happens that most of them are so intense they even have exclamation marks in their titles. How crazy is that!?

VISIONNERZ – Maiden’s Illusionary Funeral: Phantasm -Former Part-

Yukari gives everything she has to breaking Yuyuko’s soul free from the Saigyou Ayakashi, but the stakes become higher as the challenge seems as intense as her determination. (Includes the previously released Prelude.)

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