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Gaku Kids Update

Now, even in a setting like Touhou, were nearly all characters are little girls, there are some who can actually be called “kids”, even though they are likely hundreds of years old. And it just so happens that this update is made of stories mainly concerning some of the Touhou “kids”. Namely, Flandre and Chen (plus an “extra”). But even if you are the type that can’t stand little kids, it might be worth checking it out, since it includes releases by great circles like Millet Soup and Strange Chameleon, plus two promising Gaku first-timers.

Millet Soup – Occasional Sisterly Gifts

Millet Soup sure likes Santa. And this time is Remilia’s turn deal with Christmas hijinks for the sake of her little sister.

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Gaku Eclectic Update

Today’s update is a varied one, we have releases from well known group Personal Color, the more recent but well-represente Vivit Gray, and three group debuting here at Gaku. And as usual, there is a mix of comedy, romance, and even a bit of of drama among the releases. So here they are, and we hope you enjoy!

Personal Color – The Young Girl and the Little Girl of Hakurei

From Personal Color’s “Little Girls” series, we see who got to take care of little Reimu, and what happened then.

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Gaku Golden Week Update

So, this coming week is known in Japan as the “Golden Week”, famous for being composed almost entirely of holidays. But even if you are not in Japan and only have a regular week ahead of you, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have some fun reading our new releases.

And this time we have a good mixture of drama, action, comedy and romance, so you should certainly find something you like among the five releases we have this time around.

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity – Chapter 17

In their latest prank, the Fairies “acquire” a jar of sake that’s supposed to be very special. But what’s the real nature of this liquor?

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