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Gaku Dark Update

Today’s update is not exactly a light-hearted one. Believe me, there’s plenty of violence, drama, tragedy and tears in most of this time’s releases. There’s Stripe Pattern with one of their gorgeously illustrated but somewhat gruesome books, Asatsuki-dou,  master of dark uncaring tragedies, a unusually dramatic story by otherwise comedy circle Hot-Dog Chuck and some somewhat sober musing by the Moriyas in a Room of Curses work (one of the earliest Touhou doujin groups, btw).

But if you are not into dark stuff, don’t worry, there’s still a couple of lighter works by Strange Chameleon and Vivit Gray, in case you need some fuzzy feelings after the seriousness of the first ones.

Stripe Pattern – SEIRENSEN First

As a newcomer to Gensokyo, Sanae decides to follow its customs and go solve incidents. A retelling of UFO in the typical Stripe Pattern style, which means Warning: contains some strong scenes. (Read the article)

New Derived Content Guidelines Announced

ZUN has added a new post to his blog, covering some changes to the guidelines for Touhou-derived content production. There’s been a lot of news about the post increasing restrictions on derived works, although from the content of the post the net effect is not all that signifcant for most works that we enjoy in the West. The primary changes involve the distribution channels through which derived works can be offered, the use of Touhou in commercial (as opposed to doujin) works, most of which will require review and approval by ZUN. These changes shouldn’t have much effect on most fanworks that are released through the various conventions in Japan (such as albums or doujinshi); the primary targets of the change seem to be other types of merchandise such as figurines, plushies, and dakimakura.

A full translation of the post follows below.

(Read the article)

Gaku Inaba Year Update

As most of you probably know, last Febraury 3rd was the beginning of the new Chinese Year. But most importantly, this new year will be the Year of the Rabbit, or, should we say, the Year of the Inaba. And it certainly suits them well to preside over the next lunar year, since they are the ones on the Moon’s face after all. Let’s hope them that the fluffy-tailed ones decide to give us some of their luck, and abstain from playing too much pranks over the next year!

Unfortunately, as the Inaba manga is long over, we don’t have much in terms of rabbit-related offerings this time. But Japanese culture-savvy readers might remember that this day is also called the Setsubun in Japan, when people are supposed to invite luck into their homes, and chase the oni away by throwing beans at them. Well, we are rather fond or our oni here, so instead of chasing them away, we have them here for an awesome Suika and Yuugi-centered 3-part series by Golde Pe Done. Not to mention the conclusion to canaria mint’s Kagu x Moko, plus new releases by Stripe Pattern, winter scenery, Asatsuki Dou, No-ya, and newcomer Warrior Prune. But first of all, a new Three Fairies release about a the other New Year.

All in all, a great update to start what we hope will be a great year.

Official – Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 16

In the conclusion of last chapter’s story, Marisa (always popular with the ladies, it seems) is joined by the Fairies when going disturb Reimu just when she is actually doing her job. (Read the article)

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