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The Name is Gaku, Gaku Update

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome once once again to the headquarters of G.A.K.U Gaku-Touhou. We have prepared five new releases for your entertainment this evening, and it’s up to your choice to have them shaken or stirred.

Honey Sakura – Cirno and Reimu’s 1-2-3 Volume 2

Agent 00⑨ is back in the unlikely but cute pairing with the most famous of the ZUN Girls. In this prequels of sorts, we learn more on how he came to develop her very particular relationship with Reimu.

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Gaku After Party Update

With Christmas done and the New Year starting, it’s time to get back to business. I’ll cut the introductions since I had a lot to upload and it’s literally almost the end of the day now.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ennui Akadako – No More Bad Ends

To all the sucky players out there, this is for you.

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