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Gaku Urameshiya! Update

Surprise! Did I surprise you? What? No? ;_;

A-anyway, there’s not much this week, but a couple of touching stories should be able to get your heart racing so much that you may as well be surprised! Please enjoy them!

Vivit Gray – Flaxen Twilight

As part of Mokou’s penalty game for losing to Kaguya, she has to do something so embarrassing that she wishes she could die.

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Gaku Nostalgia Update

Nostalgia… I suppose you can say one makes you look back on things, another is a really old release to continue another story, and the last one reminds you how fun cardboard boxes are. In any case, I hope you enjoy them.

Kuronekokan-Monpetit – Marisa Dies After One Month

Marisa wanders one day into a giant hole. In there, her life and its meaning changes.

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