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Gaku Light Novel Update

I’d actually like to see a Touhou light novel one of these days, but would you call these “visual novels”? In any case, there’s a lot of material to chew on this time, so take it slowly and please enjoy it~

Honey Sakura – Cirno and Reimu’s 1-2-3 Volume 1

A maiden in love wants to tell her idiot her feelings, but will her idiot understand what she’s trying to say?

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Gaku Saga Update

Heya again everyone. This is Ruka emceeing for this cycle’s update while Nietz is getting used to his new life. Man, has it been a long time since we saw some stuff from the circles in our list today! While all of them are all equally good reads, I want to boast the completion of the Yukari vs Ran series! Be sure to give it a look!

Stripe Pattern – MORPHINE

Will humans and youkai even be able to live in peace with each other?

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